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Custom Wall Murals, Hand-Painted Furniture and Decorative Painting by Cleveland Artist, Charity Matty Gangale

My Portfolio My Portfolio

Custom Wall Murals

A custom wall mural can infuse any room of your home with your own personal style.

Custom Wall Murals Custom Wall Murals

Hand-Painted Furniture

Hand-painted murals breathe new life into old or outdated furniture.

Hand-Painted Furniture Hand-Painted Furniture

Nurseries & Kids' Rooms

From fun & whimsical to stylish & sophisticated, these adorable nurseries and kids' rooms are a hit with the young - and the young at heart!

Nurseries & Kids' Rooms Nurseries & Kids' Rooms

Floor & Ceiling Murals

Custom floor and ceiling murals add a touch of whimsy and personality to otherwise bland or boring surfaces.

Floor & Ceiling Murals Floor & Ceiling Murals

Hand-Crafted Art Dolls

These distinctive one-of-a-kind art dolls are 100% hand-crafted down to the last detail.

Hand-Crafted Art Dolls Hand-Crafted Art Dolls

Pet Portraits & Wall Murals

Pet Portraits & Wall Murals Pet Portraits & Wall Murals

Custom Wall Paintings Starting at $299*