About Muralist Charity Matty Gangale

Some people are just born with it.

A special gift. A unique perspective.

An artist’s eye.

Charity Matty Gangale is one of these people.

From an early age, Charity was able to interpret the world around her in a unique and meaningful way.

In fact, her immediate family noticed her ability to create realistic images when she was just three years old. As Charity grew older, it became clear that this gift would allow her to leave this world a little more interesting and beautiful than she found it.

Now, as an adult, Charity’s natural affinity for artistic expression has helped her craft a thriving business throughout northeast Ohio (and beyond). For more than a decade, this Lorain county native has captivated homeowners with her amazing life-like wall murals and whimsical hand-painted furniture designs.

Her natural talent allows her to capture what her clients see in their minds and convert those visions into vibrant reality. Whether their imagination calls for transforming a master bath into a secret garden or recreating the Sistine Chapel on a dining room ceiling, Charity is able to make that dream a reality.

Trompe L'oeil Koi pond by Charity Matty GangalePerhaps even more amazing than her incredible talent is the fact that Charity is completely self taught. Years of training at prestigious art schools did not shape this talent. Instead, what she captures on her “canvas” is a natural reflection of her own inherent gift – one she comes by naturally…

Her parents are both artists, as were each of her grandfathers. In fact, Charity got her start as a muralist by working alongside her mother Susan Matty. Over time, Charity began doing more and more of the mural work, while Susan focused on creating beautiful faux finishes, hand-painted porcelain sinks, and custom ceramic tiles. Although Susan is now retired, mother and daughter collaborated together on a wide variety of projects for many years.

Today, referrals account for a large portion of Charity’s business, as satisfied clients pass her name along to appreciative friends and family members. At times, demand for her services takes her outside of Ohio and into Pennsylvania, Indiana, Florida, Georgia and Arizona.

Without a doubt, her business will continue to grow as each new project serves as a powerful testimonial to her extraordinary abilities and opens the door to even more artistic opportunities.

reprinted with permission from Welcome Home Magazine