spilt milk floor mural trompe l'oeil on hardwoodFloor and ceiling surfaces are often overlooked as design elements, but you can add a touch of personality to these spaces pretty easily once you put your mind to it.

For this fun floor mural project, my clients wanted to create life-like images of common kitchen “accidents” on their hardwood floors.

As we discussed what they had in mind, I knew the best way for me to create the truly realistic images they wanted was to base them upon real life examples…

So, I asked my clients if they minded if I made a bit of a mess as part of my creative process ~ and fortunately, they said yes! In fact, they even supplied the raw materials and hammer I needed to get started!

With broken eggs, shattered glass and spilled milk taking center stage around my designated work space, I got to work creating the images you see here.

broken eggs floor mural - tromple l'oeil on hardwoodOnce complete, the images were sealed with several coats of polyurethane to help protect them from everyday foot traffic.

Now it’s your turn – what cool ideas do you have for dressing up your own floors and ceilings? I would love to hear them – leave a comment below – or give me a call to discuss what you have in mind!